Tuesday, May 22, 2007

Dibdin: Georgian-Regency Renaissance Man

Charles Dibdin (c.1745-1814)

Dibdin flourished in London during the Georgian years and early Regency as something of an artistic Renaissance man. Poet, actor, songwriter, singer, he wrote around 1,400 songs and 30 theater pieces, including operas, and allegedly created the form of the one-man show.

The Shepherd's Artifice
Songs for the plays Love in the City and Love in a Village, by Isaac Bickerstaffe

Music for the play The Padlock

The Waterman

The Quaker
The Comic Mirror

Liberty Hall

Late 1780s-Early 1800s
Popular songs, often of a patriotic nature:
Poor Jack
'Twas on the Good Ship "Rover"
Saturday Night at Sea
Tom Bowling

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